La Musicale, by Giuseppe Guerrini's Heirs
  Giuseppe Guerrini was born in 1925 in Castelfidardo, city known for its numerous accordion firms which, at the beginning of the 1900, exported their instruments all over the world.
He himself a crafty builder, moved to Stradella in the 50' where he set up his own factory. Here he started to develop his interest in old bow instruments and in the extraordinary art that made possible to build instruments of such beautiful form and sound from a very 'earthly' material: wood.
By the early 60's he had already acquired a certain name in the liutherie field and opened up a shop in Milan, located near the RAI (Italian State Television Company) position that was very favourable because it brought to the shop called "la Musicale" most of the artists which were already famous or which would become in the future.
In this particular milieu, Mr. Guerrini's expertise started to be appreciated and his knowledge to be searched for by musicians as well as dealers and laymen looking for good instruments to perform or to collect.
At this stage, early 70's, he started travelling the world in search of fine wood to sell to violin makers based in Cremona (where the most renowned violin making school of the world in based) and to whoever wanted to build beautiful instruments with the finest qualities. He himself used to choose the wood for his own instruments (he produced exclusively cellos and double basses).
With the years, he became member of the renowned Associazione dei Liutai ed Archettai di Cremona Cremonese Association of violin and bow's makers) and he exhibited at numerous contexts and special exhibitions gaining great appreciation from the public.
He also acquired a wide number of precious instruments and bows which are now part of the family collection.
He died in April, 2003 at the age of 78 and the warmth of his numerous friends, colleagues and clients shows how the Italian liutherie world will miss his figure.
La Musicale is now the only shop in Milan dedicated mostly to stringed instruments, liutherie and accessories and is now run by wife Livia and, occasionally by his children.

La Musicale di Eredi di Giuseppe Guerrini, Via Procaccini 63, 20154 Milano, Tel. e Fax 02.4451046